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Customer Reviews

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My Very Happy Feet

Have been purchasing socks from Zkano for several years . . . comfy and long lasting. I especially like to support a company which has been so successful in regenerating a local family owned industry with all the benefits that accrue to its community.

Great for Grumpy Feet

I have a bunion and these provide great cushioning. In fact, I forgot to wear my protector the other day when I went to the gym, and these socks did a great job. No pain at all.

Love these socks

Love the sign and very comfy under my everyday shoes.

Got Cotton?

I have always thought that cotton is the best fiber out there.
1- Breathes well so moisture evaporates quickly. Feet are dry.
2- Feels good on skin.
3- Washes well with no noticeable shrinkage.
4- Dyes used are friendly to skin No rashes.
5- Sock designs look good and the dock looks good.
I can’t believe I found this this small family company of sock makers.
Their socks are just what I always needing as I was so unhappy with all other socks on the market.
The real Thing!
Thank you folks!
Jo Collins

Love these socks

I love love love these socks. The color and pattern are perfect for the warming weather and they just plain feel good on my feet.

One of my favorites

These rose slouch socks with poppy stripes are going to be one of my favorites this summer. My latest favorite color is pink these days and this sock fits in wonderfully. Love the turquoise heel and toe! The seamless toe feature is a dream... no more uncomfortable thick seam across the toes. The word slouch to me is a very loose fitting sock neck that slouches around above the ankle. These "slouch" socks fit snuggly around the bottom of the leg but they are not too tight, in fact they stay up and don't have that tight feeling around the top. I think slouch is a bit misleading. When I first bought a pair I was expecting them to be loose which is what I was wanting but these are good too.

slouch crazy

I love these socks. They fit wonderfully and are not constricting my ankles.

Love my made in Alabama socks!

Absolutely love these socks! Worth the money. I have been looking at them for a few years. They’re a bit pricey for me but they’re organic and made in Alabama! I wore these socks with Brooks running shoes and they never slipped down my heel. Which is the reason I never ordered before. I’ve used several different brands over the years trying to find something that doesn’t end up inside your shoe while running.

I like the organic cotton, made in Alabama, and they’re unbelievably comfy.
Will buy again and I tell all my friends about them.

Pink and Black Are Totally Punk!

Iggy Pop and Souxie would wear these. Perfect shade of pink.

Another great color

Another great color that goes well with my urban-basic-black wardrobe - although I wish the white was a blush pink ! You will love these - buy two pair at least!

Great fitting socks

I love the socks! they are a little heavier which I like for work as I am on my feet all day. Thanks for a wonderful Made In USA product!!

Great fit, great design

Fit and comfort are top notch, as usual. Love the new nature-inspired designs.

Wonderful product wonderful delivery

Socks to change your life!!!!

Super comfort

I was given a pair of Zkano socks for Christmas. I am not one to usually buy socks other than 6 at a time out in a plastic bag. But these Zkano socks feel so good, fit like they want fall down after 2 washings, and give me a little style - that I bought 2 pair. I am a believer that paying extra to get quality that lasts, and to support US made products where people earn a living wage, is a good thing.


I got my socks for Christmas and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

Love these socks.

These are so comfortable and well made. I actually feel a little excited when I open my sock drawer and see a pair of these ready to go. Hats off to all the folks in Fort Payne.

What Can I Say!

I love, love, love these socks!
That feel so good on my feet!

my granddaughter loved them

Cushy and So Cute!

Comfy and supportive. Love the colors!

Cozy and cool

Nice and thick; cozy, snug fit. Still keeps feet cool and dry. Last pack lasted over 5 years!

Love the bold colors!

Of course, I love the fit and feel of these socks. But the bold colors in the design take the signature skano stripes to a new level! These will be the go-to socks to pair with my favorite jeans.

Love the fit and love the birds

Great fit and comfortable feel, as always. And while I've always like the stripes on zkano socks, I'm thrilled they now offer more design variety. The birds are beautiful and perfect for spring.

I love Zkano socks!

Every pair I have ordered has been a delight...perfect fit and the colors are so happy and bright. All this and organic, too! I am a forever customer for sure!

Loved them! They feel and look great.

Love all your socks!

Love all Zkano socks! It’s the best quality and they are made in my home state!