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    Latest Women’s Sock Designs for the Season

    with each new season comes fresh zkano sock designs. we have new styles in every women's sock collection. browse zkano's latest organic cotton socks for spring, summer, fall and winter. our cotton socks for women are crafted in small batches, with an emphasis on comfort and durability. all our organic cotton socks for women feature reinforced heel and toe construction, for a durable sock that is built to last. shop zkano's new women's organic cotton socks and see our latest designs! if you're in the fort Payne area, stop by the zkano mill shop to pick up a few pairs in person. feel free to contact us with any questions about our new organic cotton socks, we're always happy to help.

    keep an eye out for our new holiday socks and seasonal socks. our seasonal and holiday socks make a great gift or stocking stuffer. with so many different designs, patterns and solid colors to choose from, we think you'll find the perfect gift for any friend or loved one.

    you can feel good wearing zkano cotton socks knowing that we use organic cotton grown in the USA We implement sustainable farming and manufacturing practices including using low impact dyes and making our socks in small batches. this means you can proudly wear organic cotton fashion socks that are made in the USA while supporting small business and sustainable farming practices. want another reason to love zkano organic socks? we work with local charities, including homelessness shelters to donate our irregular socks. any of our organic socks that can’t be worn are recycled into fiber which is then used for carpet padding in the automotive industry. we also donate socks for disaster relief causes like those impacted by fires, flooding and tornadoes.