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made in Fort Payne, Alabama since 2009
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be good. feel good.

we are passionate about making our socks here in Fort Payne, Alabama and we also care deeply about where our raw materials come from. our organic cotton is grown, spun and dyed in the U.S. and we know who we’re working with every step of the way. our cotton farmers and yarn spinners are kind, hard-working people in West Texas and North Carolina — which means our socks are born and bred in the South.

partnering with folks right here at home allows us to ensure our socks are some of the most comfortable, durable, and environmentally friendly socks around.

born and bred in the south

nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, just west of the Little River Canyon, you’ll find Fort Payne, Alabama — the former “Sock Capital of the World.” the once-booming hosiery industry of Fort Payne was hit hard in the early 2000s when most textile manufacturing moved off-shore. at zkano, we are honored to continue Fort Payne's rich sock making tradition at our family mill.

Desoto Falls, located in Fort Payne, AL, with people sitting in water below
DeSoto falls, Fort Payne, Alabama

sustainable & eco-conscious

made in the USA

Knit with U.S. grown organic cotton

Low impact dyes

zkano founder, Gina Locklear, wearing a long dress and tall organic cotton socks with boots
about Gina

I’m originally from the small town of Fort Payne, AL, which is formerly known as The Sock Capital of the World. Until the late 90s, a very large percentage of socks were manufactured in our quaint town. Unfortunately, outsourcing has greatly taken away from Fort Payne’s textile tradition. Twenty five years ago my dad Terry had a dream to start his own sock manufacturing company, and Emi-G Knitting (named after my sister and me) was born.

As a child, I watched my parents work to create a successful business that started from nothing. In short, after years of a lot of hard work and dedication, this tiny company became a success. In the meantime, I discovered my own passions for organic and green living and wanted to incorporate this into the family business. I just hadn’t discovered the “how.” In 2008, I had an epiphany. I realized that I could combine my desires of continuing my family's sock making tradition, while supporting a sustainable lifestyle, and this could be done by creating an organic cotton sock.

My wheels began turning, and after extensive research and product development, my little sock company, zkano, became a reality. I’d finally found a way to be a part of the family trade that is incredibly near to my heart and doing so by taking it in a new direction that reflects my passions of organic living and sustainability.

I couldn’t be more proud of what zkano has become. Each of our socks is proudly made from start to finish at our mill in Fort Payne, Alabama. I believe our socks are perfect for performance, everyday wear, or just for fun. Our socks are simple, but they are good. I’m deeply passionate about supporting USA manufacturing, delivering a product that’s both high quality and comfortable and educating as many people as possible about the benefits of using organic cotton as opposed to conventional.

I hope you love our socks as much as I do!

woman sitting on a river bank wearing knee high, flower patterned organic cotton sockswoman sitting on a river bank wearing knee high, flower patterned organic cotton socks

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