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Organic Cotton

Plain and simple, organic farming means chemical-free farming. No fertilizer. No pesticides. No genetic modification.

The way cotton is grown is particularly important. The Organic Trade Association, a third party organization that monitors farm standards, calls cotton, "the world's dirtiest crop." Its conventional growth uses more insecticide than any other major crop. Exposure to these chemicals can be directly linked to birth defects, immune system break down and a corruption of our water supply. Aerial sprays can drift, spreading the toxins far past farms.

Aren't you glad there's an alternative? Organically farmed cotton provides a safer work environment for growers. Environmental impact is substantially less. Products are easier on your skin. To sum it up, buying organic lets you be good and feel good. That just so happens to be the stance that brought Zkano to life.

Before we knitted our first pair of socks, we spent a lot of time researching organic cotton. Below are some of the resources we've found invaluable. We encourage you to click around and explore.

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