COVID-19 Prevention

For the sake of preventing the spread of COVID-19 here at our mill, we have implemented procedures to protect both our employees and our customers.

Mask Wearing and Social Distancing. Our employees are required to wear masks here at our mill. Because we employ less than 10 people, our sock making process naturally allows all of us to be socially distanced and keeps us well over 6ft. apart from one another. We have asked that our employees maintain this distance when on breaks or in passing one another in and around the mill.

We have implemented a daily deep cleaning protocol, which involves disinfecting our machines as well as all surfaces, doorknobs, light switches, etc. here in the mill.

Our employees are encouraged to follow the CDC guidelines for hand washing, which are posted in numerous areas around the mill.

We conduct daily temperature checks and have asked our employees not to report to work if they feel sick, even if they think it’s cold or sinus related.

Online Ordering

If you order from us online, we recommend sanitizing your shipping envelope once you receive it in the mail as an extra precaution.